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Why Is It Important To Have A Mobile Friendly Or Responsive Website?

Why is it important to have a mobile friendly or responsive websiteClients often ask, when should they update their website?  There is no hard and fast rule, as every business is different and every website is different. At least the websites I build are!

If your website was built three or more years ago by another web developer, chances are that it was not built as a mobile optimised or mobile friendly website. What this means is that anyone looking at your website using a mobile phone, iPad or tablet, will not be getting the best possible view of your content. The user may need to zoom in and out to read your text. 

Until recently this was inconvenient for the user, but it had no other impact upon a website.  With recent changes to Googles search algorithms, sites which are not built to accomodate mobile devices, will be impacted in search results displayed to mobile users.  This means that your website may not display in the search results of a mobile user and they may not know that your website and therefore your business, exists.

A mobile responsive website tells your customers that you value them and their online experience, visiting your website.

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