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Which E-Commerce Platform Is The Best?

While doing some research for a client this morning I was interested to discover that WooCommerce has the largest market share across the e-commerce platforms.

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What does this mean?  Is WooCommerce the best e-commerce platform available?

Not necessarily, but for more than a third of e-commerce users it is the most suitable platform for their needs. There have been many contenders over the years for the title of “Best E-commerce Platform” but in reality, when choosing a platform, the question is “What is the best platform for me?”, not for everyone else.

The best E-Commerce platform for any user is the one that has all of the features that the user needs without any additional complexity and this is where WooCommerce shines. When building an e-commerce solution, web developers like myself, add in the features and functionality that you need and leave out anything that is going to make your day to day process more complicated.

An online shop doesn’t need to be a beast, to sell your products. Occasionally I work with clients whose e-commerce solution is a button on a form, which takes the user to Paypal to pay for goods or service and this very simple solution is all they need right now. 

If you’re feeling confused about e-commerce or online stores, contact Cath and together we can work out the best solution to suit you and your business needs. 


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