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We love everything about living and working in Brisbane. We have a fabulous climate which means more time to enjoy our beautiful beaches. Living in the Redlands Coast means that we have quick and easy access to boating, kayaking and long walks or bike rides along the coast. From our base in Capalaba it is only a ten minute drive to Cleveland and Victoria Point. Alexandra Hills and Thornlands are even closer. Brisbane City is accessible via the bus stop at the end of our street and within a 30 minute drive as long as it’s not peak hour.

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Top 5 reasons why every business should have a blog!

You might be thinking, why would anyone want to waste time writing blogs? There are so many other tasks to do when running a business. There are some very compelling reasons why it might be in your best interest to add blogs to your business website. Here are my top...

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What Is A Custom 404 Page?

What is a 404 Page? A 404 page is an error page created by the web server. When a user attempts to access a file or page that doesn’t exist, a 404 error page is displayed. This lets the user know that the page they were trying to access is no longer...

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How To Verify Your Business On Facebook

What is Facebook Verification? Have you ever seen a grey or blue tick on Facebook pages and wondered what it means? The little tick signifies to users that your page has been verified by Facebook as legitimately who/what it claims to be. This seal of authenticity not...

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