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How To Add Alt Text To Your Images

How To Add Alt Text To Your Images

Search engines read code, but they can’t yet read your images.  They say, “A picture says a 1000 words” but when it comes to Alt text, a sentence is all we need.

Alt text serves a few purposes as follows:

  • If your image cannot display for any reason, the text will display and describe the content of the image to the user.
  • Users relying on speech to text software to visit your site will be better able to understand your content if you have an Alt text description of the image.
  • Search engines will be able to interpret your image using the Alt text.

The Alt attribute is integrated into the HTML source code. See the following example:

[<img src=”imagelocation.jpg” alt=”this is the description of my image”>]

You can check whether your images have alt text using an online tool such as this one – https://seositecheckup.com/tools/image-alt-test

If you need to add Alt text to your images but you’re not sure how to add it. Send us an email via [email protected].



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