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Don’t waste your money using Google Advertising or Facebook Advertising

Here is a quick tip to help you get the most conversions and reduce your advertising spend in the process.

If someone is searching for “plumbing maintenance” and you are paying money for their clicks, you need to ensure you send these potential customers to a page on your website which tells them all about your “Plumbing Maintenance” service.  Don’t send them to your home page or your services page, send them to a page which is 100% relevant to their search.  Not only will this give you a better chance of conversion, you may actually reduce your dollar spend, because the advertising companies want to send customers to the most relevant link for their search. Their future depends upon it! If customers click on an add and end up somewhere that makes no sense, they wont click again.  If that happens it means less income for the big players (Google & Facebook) and they are smart enough to favour better advertisements, with links to relevant information, over more cash.

Purchases are not made on Google Adwords or Facebook Advertising, they are made on your website. Using a CMS (Content Management System) website it is a simple matter to add a new page to your site and get the best possible results for your advertising dollar spend.

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