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Does Google know that my website exists?

It’s a great question and I’m sure it’s a question asked by many Small Business Owners!  Does Google even know that my website exists?

All business owners and managers understand the importance of having a professional website but it’s of little use to the business if Google and other search engines don’t know that your website exists. Most people rightly believe that the search engines are constantly looking for new websites, trawling across the web for data and this is certainly the case. You may not realise however, that search engines follow links to find websites. They follow links from websites that they know about, from social media posts, from Forum posts, just to name a few. If you have a website which is not linked to other websites, or any of the previously noted places, then the search engines may not discover your website.

How can I check whether Google has indexed my website?

There is a very simple way that you can check that your website is indexed and also check how many pages are indexed.  Simply visit Google.com using your web browser and type into the search bar “site:yourwebsite”. For example, to check my website I would type, “site:wildcatdesign.com.au”  without the quote marks and I would see a list, as shown in the image below, detailing which pages of my website have been indexed by Google.


If your website is sitting alone in the dark, unseen, contact Cath to discover how quickly and easily we can remedy this situation for you.



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