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How to add Alt text to your images

seo tip alt text 800

Search engines read code, but they can't yet read your images.  They say, "A picture says a 1000 words" but when it comes to Alt text, a sentence is all we need.

Alt text serves a few purposes as follows:

  • If your image cannot display for any reason, the text will display and describe the content of the image to the user.
  • Users relying on speech to text software to visit your site will be better able to understand your content if you have an Alt text description of the image.
  • Search engines will be able to interpret your image using the Alt text.

The Alt attribute is integrated into the HTML source code. See the following example:

[<img src="/imagelocation.jpg" alt="this is the description of my image">]

You can check whether your images have alt text using an online tool such as this one - https://www.contentforest.com/seo-tools/image-alt-checker

If you need to add Alt text to your images but you're not sure how to add it. Send us an email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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How Google Local Search Is Helping Local Businesses


computer searching google helping local business

Change is inevitable!  You’ve heard it said so many times, but when it comes to local search results, it couldn’t be any more relevant.

As users we now search differently, we are often omitting location information in our searches and Google must infer whether we are looking for a local company or a global search result. The game has changed and now Google knows that if you’re looking for a tradesman ie. plumber, electrician etc. that you are searching for someone local to you, not the headquarters of a large plumbing organisation.

This change is actually making it easier for all types of smaller businesses to compete in search.  With a well optimised website, targeting specific search terms, good location data and backed up with an optimised listing on Google Business, it has never been easier for local customers to find you.

Interestingly in the US, Google has now added some selector boxes, where you can actually choose your “plumbing problem” ie. Blocked drain and Google will change the results to show the plumbers who specialise in solving this problem.  

This type of search will not only provide the user with the best results, it's a great way for local business to target specific key problems, which users experience, offering targeted solutions and service options.

Facebook Search

It's not that long ago that we wouldn't even consider searching for anything other than friends on Facebook.  The search technology used by Facebook was pretty terrible! However, in recent times, Facebook has improved it's search, it also uses location information and enhanced business profiles to create really enhanced search results.  The way that Facebook is also incorporating the vast amount of data it stores about users, to allow targeting and profiling, the insights provided by user's preferences, hobbies and likes, is a goldmine of information and can quite possibly predict a users search intent more accurately than Google. 

The rise of Facebook Search will be another game changer and as a local businesses, we must change and adapt with the times, to grow our business and find new local customers to work with.

Local Search Optimisation In 2018

If you would like some help in 2018 to improve your local search results. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with your website address and I'll send a free report with information you can use immediately to improve your search results for an even better 2018.



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Don't Complicate a Relationship Before it's even Begun!

Dont complicate a relationship before its even begun

A common mistake I often see on websites is over-complicating things! It is always best to keep the site specific and focused on your business products and services. The end user expects website navigation to be simple and efficient. Visitors to your site need the ability to manoeuvre with ease and find the most relevant information, fast!

When designing your homepage, ensure the page has been designed with clear and relevant information about your business. This allows customers to become immediately aware of the products or services your business provides.

Ensure you keep your website well maintained, without dead links, which lead nowhere. Update your website content regularly to remove old and outdated information. Optimise your site with content that loads efficiently and keeps the customer focused on the services your business provides. 

Keep the relationship, simple, business orientated and efficient for the user and you may just have the beginnings of a long term relationship with a brilliant new customer or client!

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