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Your website is your business 'shop window', working 24/7, showcasing your products and services. Guaranteed to be professional, responsive and user friendly!

- Cath Koch, Wild Cat Design -

Step 1 - Consultation

Before we can begin to design your new website, we need to learn about your business and discover how a new website can boost your profits. We will ask you a lot of questions designed to determine your needs and the needs of your clients.

Step 2 - Gather your content and create a sitemap

Clients usually find that refining the content for their website is the most difficult part of the web design process. Our experience will help you to decide the most important content for your site and how we can use this information to assist your customers.

We will make SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) recommendations in regard to your written content to generate the best Search Engine outcome for your site.

Step 3 - Finalise your content

Once your content, both text & images are finalised, send us your completed content and we will prepare to build a draft version of your website. You may already know how you would like your site to look and we are happy to create your design. If you prefer us to come up with a custom design, we are happy to do so.

Step 4 - Build the draft site

You can now take a break while we implement your plans and designs. You may be asked to clarify points and check you are happy along the way, but for the most part you can sit back and relax while we do the work!

Step 5 - Review the draft site

Now for the exciting part... Take a look at your new website online, click through your content and discover how we have made your content shine. Check over the design and make any changes to the design that you require. We want you to love your new website and we will work with you on the design until you are completely happy.

Step 6 - Test

Once you are completely happy with your website. We will begin the testing phase. Your new website must be thoroughly tested across all platforms before it can go live.

Step 7 - Launch

Show off your new website to the world! Now you can begin to reap the rewards of our combined hard work. Your professional website makes a statement about your business. It tells the world that you are the best at what you do and that your business is modern and progressive!

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  • Graphical Design +

    Logo, business card design & print, brochures, posters & trade displays, just to name a few. Call Cath for a quote
  • Web Development +

    From single page brochure sites through to large-scale e-commerce. Free, no obligation quotes provided.
  • Domain Registration +

    Just $16 per year for most Domains but more importantly, making sure you get the right Domain for your business.
  • Hosting Management +

    Affordable managed web hosting, no hassle, guaranteed.
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