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Your website is your business 'shop window', working 24/7, showcasing your products and services. Guaranteed to be professional, responsive and user friendly!

- Cath Koch, Wild Cat Design -

The majority of Small Business Websites range between $795 and $3995, fully customised, fully built and tested. If your budget is modest I recommend my budget website special. Visit my Brisbane Budget Website page for details.


When it comes to web design, paying more doesn't necessarily mean a better quality end product. Having said that, beware of super cheap web design packages, the devil is in the detail and although the starting price might be very low, the must have add ons, can add up very quickly.

WEB DESIGN AGENCIES - Keep in mind that web design agencies run large offices with many staff and expenses. They spend a lot of time and (your) money creating reports and developing strategies. If you have plenty of money and need these reports to justify the expense of your website, then I recommend using a full service web design agency.

MARKETING AGENCIES - Some businesses will choose to work with a Full Service Marketing Agency who will then sub-contract a web design agency to create your website. They send me work too and I appreciate that they have much larger overheads than me. You will spend more using this option, however these larger agencies generally create great websites and I have no intention of competing with them.

I am proud to say that the websites I build are the same quality, but also 100% better, because I have taken the time to personally get to know you and your business. I have asked questions, listened to you and I understand your business and your target market. I take the time to research your competitor websites and understand your products, services and clients. It's a personal service and I am determined to provide you with a great looking, professionally functioning website.

Clients have told me horror stories about dealing with web design agencies, that take six months or more, with an ever changing contact person, who doesn't know anything about them or their business. If you partner with me to build, renovate or maintain your website, you will find that I focus my energy directly with you, to complete your work, without any hassles.


Design Services

  • Graphical Design +

    Logo, business card design & print, brochures, posters & trade displays, just to name a few. Call Cath for a quote
  • Web Development +

    From single page brochure sites through to large-scale e-commerce. Free, no obligation quotes provided.
  • Domain Registration +

    Just $16 per year for most Domains but more importantly, making sure you get the right Domain for your business.
  • Hosting Management +

    Affordable managed web hosting, no hassle, guaranteed.
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