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Are You Damaging Your Business With A Lousy Instagram Account?

instagram on phone 

Instagram can be hugely beneficial to your business. It gives your company an image, builds its personality and gives users a means of interacting with you.

That said, there is a good chance you might be actively doing something that drives away followers. Check out our top 8 mistakes your business might be making on Instagram:

Collages should be neat and the photos must work together. That means no awkward black or white backgrounds on some and not others. The whole point of a collage is to display multiple photos in an aesthetically pleasing way. With saying that there is such thing as too many photos in a collage, hence why Instagram created the ‘multiple photos in one post’ feature. Having multiple busy pictures in a collage looks extremely unappealing and messy.

Think about how you would like to portray your business, constant selfies in my opinion draws away from professionalism, a couple nice ones here and there is fine but don’t go over board. Remember: this is a business. Save selfies for your personal account.

Photos at work
These are some of the most important photos, so really think about angles, you want the process of what you’re doing to come across as a relaxing and calm. You want to take away from the fact you’re stabbing people with needles and it’s probably actually quite uncomfortable, so show that! Flattering angles are important, this will help draw clients in. Get a photographer in to take some photos, they will understand angles and lighting. Quality photos will make a world of difference.

Unnecessary photos
To put it blankly, no one cares that you are grocery shopping in your break. That’s a newsfeed clogger and if I saw a business that posted like that I would simply unfollow. I want you to show me what great work you do, what sort of results I can get from you, the products you use, useful tips ect.

Screenshots are great, but can very easily look unprofessional. For example: if you take a screenshot, crop out your battery logo at the top or the Snapchat ‘add to story’ button. It looks tacky and easily ruins a photo.

If you’re using filters, try and make them similar so there isn’t massive colour differences between photos. This makes the account look messy extremely quickly.

Short and simple. A good bio should let the viewer know what your business does, showcase the business’s personality and let them know how they can find out more. Instagram only gives you 150 characters, but even that is almost too much. Let your pictures do most of the talking.

Try and have some trends so there is familiarity amongst photos. For example: try and have similiar product photos taken in a similar way.



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